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Getting Back In Shape

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I have a physical fitness test comming up soon and I was wondering if anyone had a sure-fire way of trimming off some of the weight I've gained over the past six months. I have 1.5 months until the physical and I still have a body fat % that I am not happy about, its all gut:

(Meat + Cheese x Guiness = Not Exactly the Atkins Diet)

Hey no one line posts like, "Diet and exercise". I don't have donut crumbs on my uniform, just looking for honest suggestions here.
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kmartinsen said:
1. Diet: Eat small meals frequently. No junk food. Plan/pre-cook your meals for the day, or even the week. Maybe go low fat for the month, but dont cut it out of your diet. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins. Watch the complex carb intake before you go to bed.

2. Cardio: Thats my vote... run- swim-run. I use to mix up my sessions of cardio to focus on endurance as well as speed. Try a long medium paced jog, the next time try the walk-run-sprint. I use to do this telephone pole to telephone pole, you kind of look like a tool, but it gets you in shape.

3. Make your diet and cardio a priority. Make a schedule and stick to it. Be consistant.

If you don't wish to go from Guiness to the Mic-Ultra, I would just add a couple more telephone poles.

Good luck with the test!
Now this sounds like a plan to go with.
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