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I have been told that they are no longer counting the hours that you have worked as part of being waiverable.

True - False

Any info?

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In regards to SSPO, nothing has changed. Don't let this synopsis on a webpage freak you out. It's outlined in better detail in the CMR's themselves (515?)

If you have been through MPOC or SPA you're all set. Otherwise it's still the same set of combinations;

Associates L.E. or higher + Reserve/Intermittent = waiver
Associates L.E. or higher + 4000 sworn hours experience = waiver
Reserve/Intermittent + 4000 sworn hours experience = waiver

Any other questions can be asked of the MSP Cert Unit (Call Them)
The Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit, a Unit under the Division of Standards and Training, is multi-faceted. The Unit is comprised of a full-time staff one lieutenant, two sergeants, five troopers and four civilians.
The Certification Unit is located at AHQ in Danvers and it has other satellite locations strategically located throughout the Commonwealth. The Unit may be contacted by calling 978-538-6128.

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