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'Get A Job' Comment Sparks Attack, Police Say

PALM BAY, Fla. -- A teenager faces child abuse charges for pouring scalding water on his 4-year-old cousin after the girl told him, "Get a job," officers said.

According to Palm Bay Police, a 15-year-old who was babysitting his two cousins was angered when the 4-year-old told him to "get a job."

Authorities said he grabbed a cup of scalding water, and as the child ran away, threw it on her back.

The water left spotted blisters and open wounds on the child's back, police said.

They were later noticed by a day care worker.

The teen has a criminal record and was in violation of his probation at the time of the latest arrest.

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Not for nothing..but im guessing the person that let this guy "babysit" is a loser also...although guilt by association is not an exact science its about 97.4 percent accurate..I know I dont have any friends with criminal records that are on probation..
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