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German pop star marries a pineapple

As celebrity weddings go, it's one of the wackiest (and, er, sweetest)
you're ever likely to see.

German pop star Ramma Damma, aka Ulli Hopper, decided to get married -
to a pineapple.

Picking up his bride for about £8 - he wanted one who wasn't cheap - he
drove her across the Scottish border to Gretna Green in the UK in a Jaguar covered
in green AstroTurf.

There he and the pineapple - which he affectionately named Tippi - were
wed before returning to his home in Munich.

'We drove through the night - it was a fun away wedding, not a runaway
wedding,' he said.

'I loved her. I wanted to marry her. We stayed in Gretna Green Hall Hotel
and we were married by a craftsman wearing a kilt.

'We enjoyed meals out. We would go to restaurants and she would enjoy
a glass of water over dinner.

'Tippi loved to go to the movies - especially ones about earthquakes -
and she would sit on my lap when she got scared.'

Now in case you were wondering why you've never heard of Hopper, this
all happened 38 years ago.

But although Tippi has long since departed, the union has borne fruit.

Today, Hopper is known as the Green Rebel in Munich, where he runs the
only 'plant sanctuary' in Germany, accommodating 300 indoor plants.

The 65-year-old is almost completely self-sufficient, even making his own
stinging nettle spaghetti or brewing plum cider in a 230-litre bin.

'I will defend every plant,' he said. 'They are the wonders of our world -
we just to need to listen to them.'
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