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A former DeKalb County police officer has been fired and is facing sexual battery charges after police said he assaulted a woman while on the job.
DeKalb County police said Officer Mark Hill was called to a woman's home to investigate a domestic issue between the woman's sister and the sister's estranged husband. The police chief fired Hill after a swift investigation.
"Whether it's time in jail, whatever, I want him to be punished for it because I felt like he really violated me," said the alleged victim who Channel 2 will only identify as "Yammie."
The 27-year-old woman said she doesn't believe Hill has any business wearing a DeKalb County police uniform and badge after what she said he did to her.
Hill arrived at Yammie and her sister's home to take a report. Tremeka Williams was having domestic issues with her estranged husband. As the officer was leaving, Yammie said he inquired about the boxer shorts she was wearing.
"By that time, he stuck two fingers in the hole on my boxer shorts and grabbed me," Yammie said.
Williams had gone back to her bedroom.
Yammie said she told the officer not to do that with Williams' children sitting there. She said that's when Hill marched to the bathroom, pulled her inside, blocked the door and assaulted her.
"He got my pants down a little bit and he grabbed me and he was like, 'Oh, that made my day'," said Yammie.
She said then Hill quickly left. Yammie said she felt humiliated and offended.
"I never felt like that in my life. I was crying. I was hysterical," said Yammie.
Her sister said she couldn't believe an officer would do that, especially in front of her children.
"I feel like my sister was violated and my kids were violated," said Williams.
They reported the incident to police and after a quick investigation, Hill was fired and arrested.
"He faces sexual battery and violation of oath of office charges," said Mekka Parish with the DeKalb Police Department.
"The way he was so bold with that, it makes me feel like he will do that to anybody," said Yammie.
Hill made his first court appearance Wednesday morning. The police chief said he acted quickly because his office won't tolerate criminal conduct.
Hill had been with the force for three years.

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