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Gear Question for MSP Troopers

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Muggsy09, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Yeah, a very gay stalker.
  2. Foxy85

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    Not to rehash this thread, but does anyone know the brand name / model # of this handcuff case seen to the rear of hte officer's duty weapon?
  3. cc3915

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    Double locking of cuffs was a luxury only the very respectful of prisoners got to enjoy. :cool:
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  4. Hush

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  5. Foxy85

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    I tried a couple of places near by. One looked at me like I had two heads, the other said that If I wanted them, I had to order at least 8 of them (and buy all 8) because they didn't want to get "stuck" with them. I gave in, called Neptune, and they ordered it no questions asked, and I might add were amazingly helpful and professional over the phone.

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