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Gear Question for MSP Troopers

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Muggsy09, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    I've seen some Troopers with a neat looking handcuff case, it almost looks like the old style strap that some used to carry hinged cuffs. But this one is a little different. I see that it is still used for the hinged cuffs, but I haven't been able to find that style anywhere online. I never remember to ask where to get one or what company makes the holder, so I figured I would try here. Any help would be great. Thanks

  2. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    If it's the one with the flat back with the strap that comes off the top, we got ours from a place called Neptune Police Supply. They are in central mass somewhere
  3. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    try community police and fire in Oxford, they have them.
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  4. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

  5. lawdog671

    lawdog671 MassCops Member

    They're manufactured by Strong leather...Neptune may have some and they're in Haverhill which is northshore...
  6. Harley387

    Harley387 MassCops Member


    If this is the one you're looking for, it's available at for $25.
  7. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    mmmmm Patty n Gypsy.....
  8. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

  9. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    Hey thanks alot everybody, I'll give Neptune a try. :baby13:
  10. Mikey682

    Mikey682 Subscribing Member

    Damnit Muggsy I just sold mine to a guy in VT not long would have gotten it for the goose! Make sure it's the same one you saw on the TPR's belt and not the one in the photo shown above, they are two different types.
  11. lawdog671

    lawdog671 MassCops Member

    They were originally made for general sale...did not do that well....then someone assigned to the Academy for the 76th RTT made some calls and talked Strong into producing them again because an RTT is a large enough custom order.
  12. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    I knew I should have called you first. Damn.
    Ya i know its not the one in the picture, I'll try neptune and if they don't have it, it's no big deal.
  13. lawdog671

    lawdog671 MassCops Member

    I think you're talking bout one I was describing....for hinged cuffs and get held upside down right??...Try Neptune...SuperJew had them last time I was there.
  14. Mikey682

    Mikey682 Subscribing Member

    Thats him, SuperJew....That's who we got our order from. He will know what you are looking for!
  15. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    OK Muggsy09 you have the best Av ever! I have no idea about the handcuff case your looking for I just keep coming back for the AV!
  16. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    Well now! That just seems wrong! All that love about the AV and no response!?
  17. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    Ah the old Avitar, gotta love her. Don't know who she is but, just simply amazing. Thanks for the AV love. Sorry took so long I've been busy at work. (yeah right LOL)

    Oh yes side note, went to see Super Jew on Friday and got the case, long ride from Taunton but worth the trip, thanks to all for your help.
  18. Sgt.Joe Friday

    Sgt.Joe Friday MassCops Member

    Nice post & picture
  19. GD

    GD MassCops Member

    Go see Angel!!!! Hold your breath from being excited though,lol!!:beat:
  20. GD

    GD MassCops Member

    oooooooooooooooops, I meant Gypsy but like an Angel!!!
  21. Foxy85

    Foxy85 MassCops Member

    [​IMG][ame=""]State Trooper 2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

    What about this cuff case?
  22. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    One very preggers angel....
  23. Simon

    Simon Guest

    well at least you know she puts out........................ LOL
  24. girlcop21

    girlcop21 MassCops Member

    those photos on flikr are almost stalker-like...
  25. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member


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