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Wednesday, October 22nd 2008, 1:23 PM

A gay NYPD lieutenant has been found guilty of sexually harassing two male sergeants and creating a lewd, hostile work environment, the Daily News has learned.
Lt. Kieran Crowe, 50, denied the allegations, and blamed his behavior on "jock itch."
Sgts. Dominic Coppola and Sean Gallagher filed an internal complaint against Crowe in 2004, when all three men worked at the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity at Police Headquarters. They also sued the city and the NYPD in Manhattan Federal Court.
The sergeants said Crowe, a 23-year NYPD veteran, simulated masturbating and wiggled his tongue at them in a sexually suggestive manner in the 12th-floor office which, ironically, investigates harassment in the .workplace.
Crowe's lawyers called as a witness a dermatologist, who said Crowe was treated for a body rash and jock itch between 2001 and 2004, records show.
Trial commissioner John .Grappone rejected that argument. In a ruling issued over the summer, Grappone said no medical condition warrants "extensive staring at crotches, masturbation gestures, tongue gestures and sighing sounds."
Crowe admitted he made stroking motions with his hand while talking on the phone, "making a whistling gesture and moving his fist . . . in an outward and up and down motion."
Crowe explained that away by saying, "I might be getting jerked around on the phone, or that I was going to stroke someone."
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly signed off on a penalty in which Crowe was suspended for 60 days and placed on dismissal probation. That means he can be fired for any misbehavior over the next year.
Coppola, a 17-year veteran, and Gallagher, who's been in the NYPD 18 years, have since been transferred to the Police Academy.
Their lawyer said the decision not to fire Crowe shows that the NYPD's disciplinary process is flawed.
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