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By Miranda Grossman

Police are looking for two men they believe robbed several gas stations. They strike at night and target gas stations where only one clerk is on duty.

In every one of the cases, the robbers have asked the clerk a hypothetical question, such as what would you do if I robbed you? Luckily no one has been hurt in any of these robberies. But police want to catch these thieves before they hit up anymore stores.
"I had my back turned and he came over here, and he kind of leaned down on the counter and his friend went right over there," explained Maura Dickerson.
Dickerson was working in the Shell gas station on Russell Street in Hadley last Sunday when two men came into the store pretending to buy candy. They asked her what she would do if someone demanded all her money. "He said ok do it, and I laughed a little because people have come in before, people have joked about it. Then he said no I'm serious."
The man at the counter showed her a knife and another blocked her in. Now these two are being linked to other robberies. Chicopee police are calling them the "hypothetical robbers." In more than one hold up they asked the clerk what they would do if robbed.
The men may be linked to the robbery at the Memorial Drive Mobil Station in Chicopee Thursday night. And just an hour earlier a similar robbery at the Cumberland Farms in West Springfield.
"We are working with Chicopee, Hadley, and South Hadley police. They've had similar robberies and suspect descriptions," said Sgt. Jeff Harlow of the West Springfield Police Department. Anyone with information is asked to call these police departments.
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