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As the driver drove off, the entire gas pump ripped off, sparking a fire.

LYNN (WBZ) ― A gas station customer who drove off with the nozzle still inside his vehicle's tank caused an explosion when the entire gasoline pump was torn off.

Lynn police said surveillance video captured the explosion that happened Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. at the Richdale gas station on Broadway in Lynn.

After pre-paying for the gas, the driver placed the nozzle into his car's gas tank, filled the tank and then drove off without removing the nozzle. The entire gas pump broke off of the station's unit as he drove away, causing gas to leak, sparking an explosion.

While no one was injured in the explosion, the gas station's owner said the incident could have been much worse had the entire store exploded.

Police said the driver has been charged with leaving the scene of property damage.
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