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PAYSON, Utah (AP) — Authorities in Utah say a truck driven by actor Gary Coleman hit a man on his foot after the two argued in a bowling alley.
Police Lt. Bill Wright says Coleman and Colt Rushton argued over pictures Rushton was taking inside the bowling alley in the town of Payson, Utah.
Wright says Coleman was backing out of a parking spot after midnight Saturday when he hit Rushton.
Police say it is unclear whether Coleman hit the man on purpose.
Police didn't issue any citations to either man.
Rushton was treated for minor injuries.
Payson is about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. Coleman lives in nearby Santaquin.

About a month ago Coleman was involved in another tiff but was cited by police in that incident.

Former child star Gary Coleman was cited for disorderly conduct after witnesses said they saw him in a heated argument with a woman in a parking lot.
Coleman, 39, and the woman were in his vehicle discussing their relationship Friday night when two people saw him hit the steering wheel with his hands, Capt. Cliff Argyle said. “Mr. Coleman was very excited and loud. … At one point he exited his vehicle, waving his arms, yelling and screaming,” Argyle said. “Vehicles were unable to exit the parking lot because of Mr. Coleman’s actions.”
He cooperated with officers who were called to the scene, Argyle said. The disorderly conduct citation is a misdemeanor punishable by up to three months in jail and a $750 fine. “What the city attorney proceeds with, I don’t know,” Argyle said. “It could end up being an infraction” similar to a traffic violation

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Maybe Mr. Drummond shouldn't have diddled Arnold late at night, sounds like he has some anger issues.
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