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In Ireland a major Garda operation is underway this morning to stop a bare-knuckle fighting championship taking place around the Athlone area.
Garda checkpoints are in place across County Westmeath to prevent up to 3000 people gathering to watch the illegal fight.
A prize of up to 100,000 euro ($140,000) is said to be on offer to the winner of the main contest, who will be crowned 'Champion of Ireland'.
A garda source says up to 500,000 thousand euro could be gambled at the fight which is being organised by travellers and criminal gangs from Dublin and Limerick.
Gardai say they are monitoring the entire county as they believe it's due to take place somewhere in the Westmeath area at round 1 oclock this afternoon.

INSPECTOR'S NOTE: Wasn't John Wayne and Victor McLaglen involved in a similar event somewhere?
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