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By Andria Simmons
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA - A Gwinnett County Police officer has been honored with the Governor's Public Safety award for heroism for running into the path of an armed suspect to rescue wounded officers.
Officer James Huth was stationed outside a house in Sugar Hill on Jan. 3 when he heard gunshots. Police were there to arrest William Caram, 37, for allegedly fleeing from a sobriety checkpoint in Suwanee. However, Caram opened fire on two officers with a high-powered rifle in an upstairs hallway.
Cpl. William M. Hoch was shot in the leg and Sgt. Michael P. McKeithan was shot in the abdomen and wrist.
Huth ran inside, darted up the stairs and exchanged gunfire with Caram.
Police said Caram retreated into his bedroom nursing a gunshot wound to his arm. Huth seized the opportunity to carry McKeithan out of the house.
He then provided cover while the wounded officers were moved to a safer position.
"Without Officer Huth's selfless actions, these officers may not have survived this encounter," said Cpl. David Schiralli, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department.
Caram eventually barricaded himself inside his bedroom and engaged police in a 14-hour standoff. The standoff ended when SWAT officers entered the home to find him deceased in a bedroom closet. An autopsy concluded Caram died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
The injured officers returned to work at the end of March.
Huth has since transferred from the Northside Precinct's Community Response Team to the DUI unit. He received the Governor's award during a ceremony last Thursday and Gwinnett police announced it on Tuesday.
Huth was not available for comment Tuesday, Schiralli said.

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