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FYI about 51A's

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Below is a copy of an email I received today that was issued from a neighboring towns PD. I thought it was worth passing along.

Today, I spoke with D.S.S. staff and learned that any conversation you have with them is noted on an intake form (not tape recorded). Therefore, any remark you make, whether on your own or in response to an inquiry, is public record and available to the involved family. Because your remarks are noted and not taped, they can easily be taken out of context and/or subject to misinterpretation. Recently, a local family obtained intake documents from D.S.S. and took issue with one the officer's remarks; in the context said remark was noted by the social worker. The family is now demanding the officer be disciplined. Bottom line is, there is no such thing as casual/privileged conversation, nor is D.S.S. part of our inner circle, therefore, I would be careful what you say and how you respond to their "casual" questions.

I was also informed that the D.S.S. 800 number always goes to Boston Central while the local number goes to the office assigned to our town. It was suggested we use the local number.
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