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An Indiana couple who are suspected in the sexual assault of two children were arrested Sunday in San Antonio.
Bradley and Luann Chase were apprehended at a boarding home for disabled veterans on the city's north side where they had lived for years, said Officer Joe Rios, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department.
The couple had been on the run for nearly 10 years until Jeanie Balson, who lived across the street from the couple she knew as Gary and Brenda, recognized them on the crimefighting TV show "America's Most Wanted."
"I was in total disbelief," Balson said. "My eyes kept going up and down his face. And then all of sudden, I thought, 'Why are my eyes going up and down this face?' And then I looked and thought, 'Oh my God. That's my neighbor.'"
A background check had been conducted on the Chases, who had been wanted since 2000, but nothing turned up, Rios said.
"They were working jobs, getting paid cash. Just flying under the radar," Rios said.
The couple will be extradited to Indiana, where they will face charges.
Rios said that anyone in San Antonio who thinks the Chases may have committed crimes against children to report them to police.

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