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I am trying to convince our brass that our FTO program needs to be revamped. We currently only have a two week program, which I believe is too short. Does anyone know where I can get a model FTO program, or get copies of other FTO programs out there??

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Barnstable is holding training for FTO's see below....

Our program is 3 months long, one month on each shift with a mix of FTO's. You start off on one shift with your assigned FTO then go through the rotation and the last week of the program you are back with the FTO that you started with so he can sign off on you. In the past the new guys also had to write a letter to the brass stating why they feel they are ready to be on their own. Once on their own they are shadowed by their original FTO for a week or so. Now due to manning issues, time off vacation etc... sometimes it does not always go by the book but it's better than it was. Before this new FTO program the new guys were partnered up with a senior officer for 12 months.


Field Training Officer Certification Program (Registration Form)

The Barnstable Police Department is hosting the Field Training Associates 40 hour Field Training Officer Certification Program November 15-19, 2004. The class will cover the following:

Operational Structure of the Field Training and Evaluation Process
Performance Assessment
Standardized evaluation guidelines
Selection and use of on-the-job instructional techniques
Documenting extent of training and coaching
Managing deficient performance
Community Oriented Policing
Preparing Probationer to be self-reliant

Tuition for this five-day program is $550 per student agencies sending 3 or more students are eligible for a reduced rate. For additional information or to register contact Sgt. Michael Damery (508) 778-3804 or via email [email protected]
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