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Purple 3D Magl!te outfitted with an Inretech 20XLED Near UV adapter(right around 395nm).
Same adapter as reviewed on the LED Museum site here:
but it's housed in a purple Mag body (for obvious aethetic reasons)

I'm parting out many of my "larger" (D cell ) lights in favor of more 123 or C-cell based lights. Plus as a UV light I don't really have much call for it these days. Only so many times I can look for stray cat pee around the litter box !! Besides I have a few UV Arc AAA's to hold me over

VERY little use and body is in excellent condition
I'll include a couple of "vaseline glass" marbles for you to "ooh and ahh" over as they glow green under the UV light.
If interested I'll try to get a pic up tonight..but we all know what Mags look like-and the referenced site has pics too.

75.00 shipped via USPS Priority with Insurance and DelCon. or 65.00 if p/u locally in Downtown Boston area during work hours 7am-4pm
Paypal preferred (pls add 3% for CC based payments
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