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It is a sad sad day, i just found out that my new Dept, does not authorize leather :(

Anyway 1 year old, very light use NO PATCHES ever applied, size 50r, Boston Style leather. this is the one that retails for $399 at AAA.

My loss is your gain $175

I also still have a full almost new nylon duty rig (unlce mikes Pro-3 for glock 22/23) cuff,OC,baton,mag,radio,glove,flashlight holder, etc. Very light use $125

Size 50r blue dress/class A jacket. With silver buttons, has flag patch, and my old dept patch on it, worn 4 times. $75, new cost almost 200.

still have some other odd's+ends, batons, duty gear, holsters (glock), etc.

PM if interested.

Ken F..

Posted Fri 03 Sep, 2004 14:29:

LEATHER has been sold.
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