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Frog leg pizza topping sparks boycott call

A London restaurant chain has raised the ire of animal rights activists with its newest dish -- a pizza topped with frog legs.

A spokeswoman for Animal Aid called for a boycott of Eco restaurants after they introduced "The Hopper," a $31.07 pizza
topped with eight frog legs plus capers and anchovies, The Sun reported Thursday.

The spokeswoman said the process of preparing frog legs is cruel to the amphibians.

"The animals typically have their limbs hacked off while still alive, having been captured by the bucket-load from the wild
in countries like Indonesia," she said. "I cannot believe people are so desperate to entertain their palates that they want
to be part of this vicious and callous trade."

Eco chef Sami Wasif said he came up with the idea for the frog pizza during a trip to Paris.

"I've been making pizza for more than 20 years and know that London is a city always looking for something new," he said.
"Pizza is something you can experiment with. I might try one with snails on it next."

eww snails on a pizza!:uc:
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