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Friend Busted for Alcohol at Salem State

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This is from an aqauntance of mine, shes a 2nd year student at SSC, got busted for alcohol last night in her dorm room.

I got caught.
S*** like this just doen't happen to me.

I'm not use to getting caught.
Campus police and an RA busted into our apartment last night.
There were a ton of people here but no one was being loud, our music was reasonable. We were being good.
But people just kept knocking on the door and coming in, one after the other.
So when we heard another knock we thought nothing of it.
"Elizabeth" looked through the peephole...something we all do automatically, just in case.
The hole was being covered by a hand and when we asked who it was, there was no response.
We thought it was "Ryan" or one of the other guys fucking around, so "Elizabeth" cracked the door open just enough.
F***. "Open the goddamn door" was all we heard before he pushed it open and "Camille" grabbed the open handle from the counter and started to run towards the bathroom.
"Young lady get BACK here!" The d*** was f***ing screaming at her over and over and so she came back.
She said she was sorry and just trying to help.
He looked at the handle and "Nancy" handed it to him. He asked if there was anymore. Nope.
He raided our fridge and dumped the rest of the handle down the drain. We wrote our names down.
"Camille" made one up, but she doesn't live here so I'm sure she didn't care.
He made 'everyone who doesn't live here get out' and so they did.
He f***ed up big time though. He covered the hole, didn't announce who he was, screamed at us and accused us of lying. He didn't arrest us because of that. So now it's all in the RA's hands.
She can either turn us in or not.
One of the guys, "Steve", knows her and told us not to worry about it. That everything would be okay.
I'm hoping he's right. If they send a letter home, I'm royally f***ed.
So now we're just waiting to see what happens. I guess we should know by 2 or 3 this afternoon whether we'll have a strike against us. If so, AA meetings will need to be attened by the girl who just started f***ing drinking this summer. I don't see how that works.
If not, we're just going to have to take this as a huge f***ing scare and learn from it.
I should add that names have been changed by me. Also "Elizabeth" (The one that provided false info) does live in Salem State dorms.

I think I have to side with the PO + RA, I know there is a law out there that state something to the effect of "A school principal has the right to search / seize to make a safe enviroment" (or something along those lines) but would it apply here? being it is a state school, one would think that the same idea would apply here, wouldn't they?
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