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French Tourist Allegedly Beats Daughter Into Coma Against Roman Monument

ROME - A French tourist beat his 4-year-old daughter's head against the stone base of a Rome monument so hard the child was left in a coma, police said Sunday.
Blood still stained the travertine pavement of the Altar of the Nation, a towering monument to Italy's war victims, hours after the savage beating late Saturday night in Piazza Venezia in the heart of Rome.
Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital said the child was comatose with severe head injuries when she was admitted shortly before midnight.
"Her condition is stable but very critical," Daniela Perrotta, from the hospital's anesthesia department, told reporters outside the hospital.
Carabinieri Lt. Col. Antonello Casarsa said the man, identified as Julien Monnet, 37, repeatedly struck the head of his daughter, Luna, against the stone after a traffic officer asked to see some identification. A Canadian tourist had told police the man was acting strangely toward the child.
"He was holding the child in an unhealthy way. The child was crying and screaming," the traffic officer, Anna Esposito, told Italian state TV.,2933,386784,00.html
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