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Of course, it's suspiciously difficult to find any hard data about the performance of female cops. Not as hard as finding the study showing New Jersey state troopers aren't racist, but still pretty hard to find.
That is the best line of the whole thing!

Women know we're not as strong as men. Our bodies aren't built for that. Which is why when I was asked in an interview "What would you do if 5 large drunk men were fighting?" My answer was "Wait for backup."

Women should be officers, but we sure as hell should not be completely responsible for escorting someone who could squash a male of the same size. Women shouldn't let their damn egos about "I want to be equal" come into play. This is how people get hurt. :2c:

Fact: Women don't have the same upper-body strength (or capacity to get it) like men.

Fact: My PT will always be easier then the men.

Fact: I'll pass my PT and still beat 1/2 the guys...but I know I can't bench as much as them, and never will be able to.

Fact: Women bitch too much...myself included.
Women want the same job and responsibility, pass the same test. [-X

I want to know my female partner is going to have the strength to pull my fat ass out of a burning building when the defication hits the oscillation, while following a hose line out down a smoke filled,super heated hallway with collapseing walls.........cause you aint got to time to wait for backup.
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