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Freetown’s Bob Fouquette just keeps on truckin’

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    Dave Souza|Herald News

    Bob Fouquette in his room full of muscle cars. souza Photo 8.9.10

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    Bob Fouquette is known for his trucks – really big trucks; large enough to pluck up a rolled over tractor-trailer as though it was a Matchbox on the end of a Tonka Mighty Crane. But it’s antique cars, especially hot rods and muscle cars that really send the president of Big Wheels Towing into overdrive.

    A GNX Grand National Buick, one of only 120 known to exist in the world, a rare Chevrolet Vega with a Cosworth twin cam racing engine, which bumped up the 1970s vehicle’s sticker price by a couple thousand dollars back in the day comprise only part of his extensive collection of perfect condition cars and trucks from the ’50s,’60s and’70s. Though he’d prefer not to state publicly how many he owns, it wouldn’t be overstating it to say it’s easily more than a dozen including a red, white and blue AMC Rebel Machine with factory installed air conditioning. AMC’s muscle car answer to the Pontiac GTO was only made in 1970 and the company only made 1,000 with the patriotic color combination. Only 75 of those were sold with air conditioning.

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