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Here's an invite to Braintree R&P's Swap Meet, where BR&P members set up tables to sell their own collection of guns, ammo, supplies, etc. There usually are a few FFLs (members) that set up a table.

It won't be huge, but it could be interesting, and the AG's rules don't apply to private sales, nor does the magic "List of approved handguns", so it might be worth your while to see what's available, if you live in the Eastern part of MA.

Admission: No charge
Who: Braintree R&P, private sales by members [ONLY BR&P Members can get a table and sell items]
Where: BR&P clubhouse #2 (there are two of them) [White building behind the "old clubhouse" that you see on the Left as you enter the parking lot.]
When: Sunday, February 13th, 8AM to 1PM
Location: Check the website for directions.

[NOTE: This is not usually advertised outside of the Club newsletter & website, so consider this my "private invitation". :wink: ]
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