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When you purchase this special products combination of
new and enhanced rounds

Now you can improve officer safety, ensure effective suspect compliance, and give your forces the means to gain life saving resolution in one-on-one encounters or civil disorder situations.

With PepperBall non-lethal weapons, agencies make tight budgets go farther, mitigate the risk of expensive litigation, reduce time consuming investigations and officer off-duty time, improve morale and send the right message to the media and the public.

Currently in use at over 2,500 agencies with millions of rounds in the field, PepperBall systems have proven themselves at the World Trade Organization riots in 1999, the NCAA 2002 basketball playoffs, the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and in countless suicide by cop, violent suspect, domestic dispute, barricade and other law enforcement encounters.

New rounds have been designed for improved officer safety and product effectiveness.

* Now target accurate from 60 feet away - twice the distance of previous rounds.
* Payloads now deliver 3-grams of PAVA for increased irritant and kinetic impact

Simply purchase the following rounds:

* 180 live, PAVA pepper super irritant
* 180 training, inert powder
* 180 training or impact only, water
* 180 enhanced training/impact, antifreeze
* 20 suspect marking, green liquid
* 10 glass-breaking, white nylon

to receive the launcher at no extra charge -- a $499.99 value, FREE.

This promotion is subject to availability of limited inventory and is good only while current inventory lasts.

If you are interested, click [email protected] to send us an email
and we will answer any questions you may have. Please type "New Product Promotion" in your email's subject field and be sure to include your name and phone number.

Or call us now at 877.887.3773 for the distributor nearest you and mention this email.
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