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Krishtal, 52, was a patrol officer, a detective and worked in the department's safety division during his 23-year law enforcement career. Fluent in the Russian language, he also worked for an FBI task force investigating the Russian mob.

FRAMINGHAM - Tenacious. A bull dog. A wolverine.

Those are some of the words used to describe Framingham Police Officer Val Krishtal on Monday, the day after he lost his 18-month battle with cancer. He was 52.

Krishtal was a Framingham Police officer for nearly 23 years.

"Val is part of our family," said Police Chief Steven Trask. "We thought Val was on the mend. We thought there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Tragically, that wasn't the case."

During his time with the Framingham police, Krishtal served as a patrol officer, a detective and worked in the safety division. He also received many department awards throughout his career, including a Letter of Merit in 2003 for tracking and locating two suspects involved in a shooting. He also worked with an FBI task force investigating the Russian mob because he was fluent in Russian.

"He was like a bulldog when he was on a case," said Ashland Police Chief Vincent Alfano, a former Framingham Police officer and lieutenant. "Once he got his jaws into a case, eh would really, really, really follow that case and stick with it until the end. He was a good old-fashioned street cop. He would put in the hard work."

"He was just tenacious...if I were in trouble, Val would be the last person I'd want to come looking for me," said retired Framingham Police Sgt. Michael Esposito. "He's a wolverine. Once he gets his teeth into a case, he won't stop."

"He was a tenacious investigator," said former Framingham Police Chief Steven Carl. "He never gave up. He would look under every stone he could find when he was an investigator. Curious, tenacious people make great investigators and that is Val. It's really tragic."

There was another side of Krishtal.

"He had a great sense of humor - there was a lot of laughter," said former Framingham Police Chief Craig Davis. "He definitely left his mark."

"You know that commercial, 'The world's most interesting man?'" said Alfano. "Val was like that. You could talk to him about anything and he would have knowledge on it. I remember once, he had an old family recipe from Russia from his grandfather - a pepper vodka. He told me everything about it. I never made it, but I remember it like it was yesterday, the night he was explaining it to me."

Although being a police officer was important, nothing was more important to him than family and his three children. Tragically, his daughter Kailyn, died in 2014 at age nine from complications with cerebral palsy. After her death, Krishtal organized a team to compete yearly in a fire truck pull competition to raise money for Special Olympics.

"No better father, cop or friend than Val," said Framingham Police Detective Stacey Macaudda. "He lived for his children and serving his community."

"He never complained and he was a guy who went through some trying times," said Esposito. "I don't know if I would be able to go through the things he went through with his family and this. I remember the torment he went through with his daughter, who perished at a very young age. He stood by her the whole time. He would travel all over the world to get treatment."

Trask said Krishtal's death has been felt by his fellow officers.

"He was a larger than life character," said Trask. "As a person, he was just a real likable guy. His life story ... it almost reads as the American dream. He emigrated over here from the Ukraine, landed here in Framingham and became a police officer. He really loved being a police officer."

We love ya Val.

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I sit here sad and stunned at Val's passing, he was optimistic with his new team and fought till the end. He was such a man, a true gentleman, devoted father and a great cop. He was also a friend, never to busy to chat, banter, listen or give advice if asked. Now he's with Kailyn, I'm sure at peace and finally not in pain. He was one of the first I met at this site and I am forever grateful for having known him and calling him friend. I will miss you Brother.

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Beautiful funeral - rows and rows of Framingham PD, Ashland, Framingham Auxiliary, a couple MSP, e.t.c.

I've never been to a Jewish burial... it was interesting.

I did ok till the final call. Nope.. can't listen to one dry eyed :(

He was laid to rest right next to the path... struck me as setting him down on a roadside detail... forever watching over the flock.
Rest in peace my friend.

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As others have said, this news was a kick straight to the nuts.
I wasn't sure how, or if I needed, to respond here about Val's premature and unfair death,
but today changed all that when I went to Framingham for a work-related case.
Upon seeing the many mourning bands across FPD badges, I offered my condolences to his co-workers.
I was again moved by the black & purple mourning drape proudly displayed outside FPD HQ.
It made me both happy and sad knowing that I had met Val in person and can attest that his
absence from family (both badge and blood) makes us all a bit more diminished. Rest in Peace.

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It's been a week now since the Memorial Service. Quite a few uniforms, not all Framingham. Though I never met Val in person, after that, and our interactions here, I felt I actually knew the man a little better and it didn't hurt that I sat with one of this site's most well known members, which I felt lucky to do.

The service was touching, funny, insightful. Just like Val.
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