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Discussion in 'Federal Agencies' started by jndaniel, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. jndaniel

    jndaniel New Member

    The word down here is DC is that FPS is looking to hire approximately 200 officers in varied locations. They did win their lawsuit that Hiliary supported. Its rumored that some of these opening will open in October.
  2. HELPMe

    HELPMe New Member

    nice good to hear that they won. One less agency being castrated
  3. RumRunner

    RumRunner MassCops Member

    Ok so I give Hiliary one brownie point.
    It's really good to know that the FPS one their fight!
  4. FAPD

    FAPD MassCops Member


    So the DHS was planning to dissolve the FPS;

    " In FY2008 FPS intends to reassign the 950 FPS law enforcement officers into other ICE law enforcment entities, with the physical security of federal property being maintained soley by contract security guards."
    DHS was also working closely with NASCO as a "working group" to privatise the whole program.

    Now keep in mind that in 2005, the DHS IG's office found that "the FPS has become increasingly reliant on its contract guard force, is not adequately monitoring its security guard contracts, and contract violations in the NCR exist." Also; "result in the government paying for services it did not receive, loss of monies...and placing FPS-protected facilities, employees, and facility visitors at risk."

    Senate-passed H.R. 2638 states that the DHS Secretary is to ensure that there are not fewer than 1,200 FPS law enforcement officersprotecting federal buildings. So just what the heck is the latest?
  5. Inspector71

    Inspector71 Duke of Campus Police

    One would assume its math.
    1200 minimum staff
    -950 current officers
    = 250 New hires in the future.:confused:
  6. id1811xecj

    id1811xecj New Member

    Not a rewasonable assumption. A Senate or House resolution is a whole lot of nothing. Until FPS FTEs are authorized and funds appropriated, nothing is certain.
  7. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Good point. Wasn't there an appropriation rider attached to one of the recent bills though?

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