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By Omar Millán González
San Diego Union-Tribune

TIJUANA - A city administrator shot to death in front of his family and four police officers were the latest victims over the weekend in a war among drug traffickers that showed no signs of slowing.
Two Rosarito Beach police officers on routine patrol died Saturday when gunmen in a vehicle opened fire on them on Guerrero Boulevard about 9:30 p.m., the city's police department said.
They were identified as Salvador Rivera and Froilán Olivares.
The state attorney general's office said that while its agents were investigating these deaths, they received word about 11 p.m. that three metallic drums containing chemicals and human remains had been found in eastern Tijuana on Second Street in the Tierra and Libertad neighborhood, said the agency's spokeswoman Prisma Pérez.
Then about midnight Saturday, an unidentified man was killed in an alley in the Lagunillas neighborhood in the east side, she said.
At 4 a.m. yesterday police found the body of a man inside a Dodge station wagon that was parked on Alto Street in the northeastern Rinconada de Otay neighborhood, Pérez said. He had been shot several times.
About 9 a.m., an armed group of men burst into the Rosarito Beach house of the Tijuana administrator of the La Presa district, the area where much of the drug violence has played out.
The gunmen forced the man, Adán Inda Betancourt, 31, to lie face down in his living room and shot him to death using rifles, said Feliciano Castro, spokesman for Rosarito Beach.
Another body was discovered at 10:30 a.m. yesterday inside a Ford F-250 pickup parked on Avenida Los Angeles in the eastern Buena Vista neighborhood of Tijuana. The man's hands and feet were bound, he had a bag over his head and he showed signs of having been beaten.
On Saturday, four people were shot to death in Tijuana. Among them were municipal police officers Rogelio González Aguilar, who was ambushed at the end of his shift, and Lott Mata Muñoz, found decapitated at 11:30 p.m. on the free road to Tecate.
The others were Alfredo Chávez, 37, shot to death on his doorstep, and a man found fatally wounded on a street, also on the east side.
The slayings pushed the death toll to more than 500 this year, 138 since Sept. 26. Authorities believe rival drug gangs are fighting each other for control of the lucrative border region.

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