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By John Marzulli
Daily News

NEW YORK - Four NYPD cops have contracted the deadly HIV virus in the line of duty and were granted disability pensions, the Daily News has learned.
The never-before-disclosed details are contained in court papers filed in connection with a lawsuit by a retired female cop who contends that she was infected on the job and, as a result, wants a tax-free pension.
Referred to as Jane Doe in the complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, she alleges unfair treatment by the NYPD medical and pension boards based on her gender, because only male cops have been cited for getting infected in the line of duty.
In a motion filed this week to dismiss the suit, city lawyers discussed the circumstances of a dozen cops who applied for line-of-duty disability pensions citing HIV between Nov. 30, 1999, the date the HIV statute went into effect, and August 2007.
The statute affords any police officer who may have been exposed to the bodily fluids of an infected person - and is subsequently diagnosed with HIV - the presumption that the disease was contracted in the performance of his official duties.
Three of the four unidentified cops approved by the NYPD pension board were infected in the following ways, according to court papers:
- The first officer submitted to the pension board documents indicating that on June 1, 1989, he "reached into a perpetrator's underwear to retrieve drugs."
- The second cop was bitten on the hands by an HIV-positive perpetrator on May 7, 1993.
- The third sustained a cut on his left thumb from a razor blade while frisking a suspect.
No details are provided for how the fourth cop was allegedly infected, but he was retired Officer Jane Doe's ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, the court papers state.
Jane Doe, along with one other female officer - and the remaining six male cops - were granted ordinary disability pensions because they had not documented any possible exposures while on the job.
The city contends Jane Doe was infected through sex with her cop ex-boyfriend.
"The city rewrote the statute requiring her to 'prove' that she contracted the condition through police work," said Jane Doe's attorney, Eric Sanders.

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i'd be a little skeptical about some of these.

doctors and nurses get needle sticks all the time. of course now they have the "cocktail" , but HIV is actually pretty hard to get. Hep C on the other hand.............
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