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Former City Council member caught on tape allegedly stealing

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- A former city council candidate was caught on camera allegedly committing a crime.
Police say it's the second time in less than two years that Joseph Boren has been caught on surveillance video allegedly stealing.
Police arrested Boren yesterday after he was identified as the man on a surveillance video rifiling through a woman's purse on the front seat of her car while she was inside the Tedeschi Foods on South Union St.
The woman told police when returned to her car she found her purse disheveled on the front seat. Police don't know what, if anything, was taken.
Boren, 66, was charged with breaking into a motor vehicle. He was due to be arraigned Friday in Lawrence District Court.
Boren was arrested in February 2007 and charged with stealing earrings from an Essex Street jewelry store. He returned them to the store's owner the next day, claiming he had found them on the ground. Police say he confessed when they told him he was caught on videotape dragging the earrings from a glass container and slipping them into his pocket.
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