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Of The Patriot-News
A former Pennsylvania State Police cadet claims he was sexually harassed by a fellow cadet and then retaliated against by other troopers after he reported the harassment.
Jason Scarcella of Delano, Schuylkill County, also contends in a lawsuit filed in federal court that the troopers -- his supervisors within the department -- prevented him from being hired by the Maryland State Police after he resigned from Pennsylvania's state police academy in October 2006.
His suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. Middle District Court, seeks reinstatement to the state police academy and unspecified damages.
"Of course he wants to be reinstated because that was his lifelong dream -- to become a state trooper," said Scarcella's attorney, Lisa Matukaitis, adding his client tried to resolve his problems with the department. "Because he complained, they did everything they could to get him out of the state police."
Cpl. Linette Quinn said she was unaware of the lawsuit and declined to comment because it's pending litigation.
In addition to the Pennsylvania State Police, the lawsuit names Cpl. Andrew McCauley, Cpl. George Buck, Lt. Michael Selgrath and Sgt. Frederick Hess.
The troopers, the suit contends, ignored Scarcella's complaints that he was sexually harassed by another male cadet shortly after he started his training on June 29, 2006.
Scarcella says his supervisors did not investigate the complaint and retaliated against him in a variety of ways, including trying to assign the two cadets to the same bedroom on Sept. 12, 2006.
The cadet, who Scarcella says is a state trooper, is not being sued.
Scarcella eventually filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission in August 2006, the lawsuit states.
Ultimately, according to the lawsuit, Scarcella felt he had no option but to resign, which he did on Oct. 30, 2006.
A day later, his sexual harassment complaint was assigned to an Internal Affairs investigator, the suit states.
Scarcella also claims the troopers named in the suit ruined his chance to get in the Maryland State Police Academy by placing him in a "false light" there.


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Suck it up you loser. What are you going to do when some dirtbag calls you an asshole? Break down and cry and run to your supervisor? Police work is for people with thick skin.
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