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I am selling a Fairly new Sig P220 .45. I have used it for only one week at the academy for qualification. It has only shot about 900 rounds. With it I am including 3 factory 8-round magazines. 2 came with it and 1 I bought($50). I am also including the carrying case which it came with, all the original paperwork and gun lock. I am also throwing in a small gun safe for the house. It fits the gun, magazines and some ammo. I am also throwing in 100 rounds of ammo(13.49/box). I am looking to sell it on Monday December 18th. I will be entertaining offers till then. Let me know what you are willing to offer if you are interested. I am hoping to get $700, but I am flexible. So far I received a bid of $630 from a fellow classmate.

Posted Sun Dec 05, 2004 9:42 pm:

I forgot to add that anyone interested PM me with your offer :D .
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