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I worked on an auxiliary department for a very brief period of time before getting hired full time so I have a ton of gear to get rid of. Everything is like new, only having used it for less than a year.

I have:
-Reversible Blauer patrol jacket size Medium Regular
-Light Blue Blauer short sleeve size small regular
-Light Blue Blauer Winter long sleeve (15-15.5)
-Blauer 32 Reg Patrol pants
-Mens Magnum Viper II size 11 waterproof boots
-Bianchi Streamlight and Stinger Nylon holster
-Bianchi Open Cuff case
-Bianchi Glove pouch
-Bianchi Double mag pouch
-Bianchi OC pouch
-Monadnock Autolock baton
-Monadnock Baton Holder
-Safariland holster for Sig P220,226
-and a nylon duty belt
This is a great collection for someone starting out in the field or attending a reserve/auxiliary academy. Contact me and we can work something out!
Dress shirt Sleeve Tie Collar T-shirt

High-visibility clothing Tie Workwear Jersey Sleeve

Font Bumper Rectangle Metal Helmet

Sleeve Automotive tire Bumper Automotive lighting Font

Shorts Dress Light Human body Sleeve

Shoe Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood

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Drug Ruger?
32 waist? It might be more interesting to hold onto them for 10 years and let us know if they still fit you LOL!!!!

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Jackets and shirts still patched up from the municipality?
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