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A Jacksonville man was recognized by the sheriff's office on Thursday for rushing to the aid of a woman who police said had been kidnapped and raped.
Brad Barnett is being called a hero for putting his life on the line for the stranger.
"I just would like to think that someone would help my family if they were in trouble," Barnett said.
Police said it was June when Steven Wilson abducted and assaulted a woman inside her car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. They said Wilson then drove away with the victim in the car and he was going 100 mph before he crashed near Hodges Boulevard and Kernan Parkway.
That's when Barnett, who was driving on the Southside at the time and said he saw the speeding car and the woman in the passenger seat mouth "help me" as the vehicle sped by, rushed to help after the crash.
"I asked her what was going on with the driver and she said to stop him because he had just 'kidnapped me, carjacked me, robbed me and raped me,'" Barnett said. "I went after him and I didn't get more than 50 feet when he pulled a razor knife out on me. He said he wasn't going back to jail."
Barnett said he grabbed a hammer from his truck and cornered Wilson in a wooded area until police arrived.
"His actions throughout this whole entire ordeal were nothing less than heroic. There are few people outside of law enforcement and the military who would have been able to react the way that Barnet did that day," said Sheriff John Rutherford.
"I wasn't really thinking. I just wanted to make sure that she was all right and this guy wouldn't do this to anyone else," Barnett said.
A security guard, Johnny Pride, was also honored by the sheriff's office on Thursday for his crime-fighting efforts.
Police said Pride witnessed two gunmen rob a motel clerk and followed the suspects and called police to give them a description of the getaway car and the tag number, which lead to the suspects' arrests.

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