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Homestead --
Miami-Dade police said a police dog and a man suspected of robbery were shot in Homestead on Monday morning.
Police responded to a burglary call at about 3 a.m. and exchanged fire with two armed men.
Police set up a perimeter around a two-mile radius of 8th Street and Northwest 12th Avenue as they searched for one of the men.
Dick Hamilton, a resident who lives nearby, said police conducted a house-to-house search.
"The SWAT team was down on the end, there (were) trucks and police officers from all over the county, so it was a pretty interesting morning," he said.
Officers found the man hiding in a storage bin on a nearby property.
"We mentioned to them about the house being vacant over here and suggested that they search there, and evidently they did because they caught the suspect," said Dave Hamilton, who lives nearby.
The other man, who was shot, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital and was in critical condition.
Students of Redondo Elementary and Homestead Middle School were briefly sent to other schools Monday morning while police searched for an armed man in the area.
The police dog, Bart, was shot in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery.
"The K9, I do know, has been released from the veterinary hospital, and he did suffer some injuries, but he has been released," Detective Juan Villalba said. "I hear he's going to make it."
The officers involved in shooting one of the men were placed on administrative leave, which is standard operating procedure.

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