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A marijuana grow house, guns, a black market supplier for prescription drugs and investigators say an Altamonte Springs police officer was behind it all.

ATF and FDLE agents arrested Clay Adams at the police station when he came into work Monday night and a 35-page report describes in detail how investigators say Adams stockpiled weapons, sold drugs and gave sensitive police secrets to criminals.
Adams, 36, finally found himself on the wrong side of a mug shot when state and federal agents arrested the nearly nine-year veteran of the Altamonte Springs police force Monday night. His wife, Robyn Adams, was arrested and her mug shot shows her still crying.
Authorities said the couple was involved in selling marijuana and Oxycontin across the state. At one point, agents say, Adams told an informant he could pay him $10,000 a month to help grow and sell his drugs.
"He was working undercover on those very issues, I thought," said neighbor Cindy O'Brien.
The news shocked neighbors on the couple's street in Altamonte Springs. According to federal court documents, Adams also kept high-powered assault weapons inside his home and operated at least two marijuana grow houses in Seminole County.
"I'm extremely disappointed in this whole situation. I'm very upset," said Chief Robert Merchant Jr., Altamonte Springs Police Department.
Maybe most troubling, investigators believe Adams used his access to police records to provide the IDs of undercover agents to at least one known felon. He most recently spent three months on an undercover unit before being transferred at the end of June.
"His intention was to gather information off of individual officers as well as the investigative tactics," said Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger.
Authorities say Robyn Adams used her position at an orthopedic surgeon's office to get Oxycontin and, when Clay Adams was recently removed from a position on an undercover unit, investigators say he snapped.
"He was so upset of that request that he actually has threatened the life of one of the deputy sheriffs involved in that personnel action," Sheriff Eslinger said.
The report says Adams actually took valium to remain calm during police polygraph tests. He's now suspended from the department and he and his wife are being held on federal drug and gun charges.

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An Altamonte Springs police officer accused of setting up a marijuana grow house and owning an arsenal of handguns, rifles and shotguns to defend it pleaded guilty Friday in Orlando federal court.

Clay Adams, 36, who lives near Altamonte Springs, will likely be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to five federal charges, including conspiring with his wife to grow 2,200 pounds of marijuana.

Adams and his wife, Robyn, 32, were arrested July 21, hours after rigging a house in Chuluota with hydroponic equipment and grow lights and getting marijuana seeds to sprout, according to his plea agreement.

Both husband and wife confessed.

At a separate hearing Friday, a tearful Robyn Adams pleaded guilty to two charges: conspiracy and a weapons count. She likely will face at least 10 years in prison.

Shortly after the hearings, the Altamonte Springs Police Department reported it would fire Adams, a nine-year employee.

Part of that time, he was assigned to Seminole County's narcotics squad. He used the computer in his patrol car to download information about the county's drug agents -- including their photos -- and handed it to a convicted felon, a supposed partner in the grow operation.

That partner, though, went to police and wound up wearing a recording device to gather evidence against the Adamses.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Bodnar Jr. said there was no evidence any other police officers were involved in the operation.

He also said that despite initial allegations, the Adamses had one -- not two -- grow houses.
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