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An Indialantic police officer stopped a pharmacy robbery moments before armed men stormed the business early Tuesday morning. The suspects took off from the CVS on Miramar Avenue and didn't stop until they crashed into an innocent bystander on US-1 in Melbourne.
The officer happened to stop at the pharmacy when he noticed three men in dark clothing walking up to the front of the store. The officer said when they saw him they got nervous and took off running to their car.
He said they hopped in and took off on West US-192. The officer called for back up and Indialantic police chased the men until they crossed into Melbourne and crashed.
Two Melbourne officers heard the crash, but by the time they made it to the scene, the would-be criminals had already run away. The driver involved in the crash was rushed to a local hospital with injuries. It was unknown how badly they were hurt.
Even though the suspects are still on the loose, police said it's what they found in the vehicle that confirms the men were about to rob the pharmacy.
"We found an automatic rifle, pistol along with some other things which would allude that they were about to commit robbery," said one investigator.
Police were still searching for the suspects Tuesday morning.

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