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ORLANDO, Fla. --

An Orlando police officer was dragged by a van while trying to stop a suspected robber.
Investigators said a nurse at a sleep apnea center on Mills Road and Princeton in Winter Park spotted a man trying to break into the facility. The nurse said the doors were being taken off their hinges.
When an officer arrived, he spotted the white Ford Econoline van and attempted to stop it.
The officer used a baton to smash a window of the vehicle and then tried to grab the driver but was instead dragged. He was forced to let go and the van sped away.
Police said they captured John Jerry Williams, 32, a short time later at Formosa Avenue.
"He is pretty wild right now," Orlando police Lt. Armando Socarras said. "I think that might have been the first of a spree that we interrupted. I don't have words to describe his actions right now."
Williams is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and at least one count of burglary.

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