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ORLANDO, Fla. --
A grandfather plans to file an official complaint against the Orlando Police Department, Friday. He claims officers stormed into his home on Cynthia Street in Orlando Thursday and broke down every door, while there was an infant inside.
The family claimed police barged in with tear gas and pointed a gun at the grandfather's head. Victoria Omega rushed to her parent's home after she heard what happened.
"I get a call from them saying my father is in handcuffs and the first thing that goes through my mind is, 'What took place, what happened?' My parents are churchgoing people. What happened?" she said.
Orlando police executed a search warrant. Officers broke through the front door of Henry Marshall's home and pointed a gun at his head. Cops tore down every door and shattered windows.
A cell phone store robbery lead police to his home, because they were after Marshall's 20-year-old grandson Quinton Marshall.
"I look up and there were about three or four SWAT team members with a gun to my face and they were all through the house," he said.
Marshall's grandson has not lived at his home for six years.
"With the fact that they were throwing smoke bombs in there, kicking doors in, anything could have happened. They could have hurt him," Omega said.
The baby that was inside was not hurt during the raid.

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