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SUNRISE, Fla. --
Police arrested a man who they said posed as a police deputy by stealing his father's police vehicle and pulling over motorists.
Sunrise police said 19-year-old Myco Lee Coker took his father's unmarked Broward Sheriff's Office vehicle and conducted traffic stops in the Sunrise area at around 4:30 a.m. Monday. Police said Coker, who was wearing a BSO deputy shirt, pulled over motorists with a male friend in the police car.
Police said they received an anonymous call from someone in the area who told them what Coker was doing. Police followed Coker and pulled him over.
According to a police report, when Coker was pulled over by police he posed as an officer and said he was on his way home from District 11 Pompano when a vehicle almost hit his unit. Coker said he then conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle for the violation, police said.
Coker provided his father's badge number to police when they asked for verification, according to police. When the badge number was scanned, it confirmed what Coker told them, police said.
But officers said they did not believe Coker and drove to his home. When they arrived, his father answered the door. Shortly after, Coker pulled into the driveway and police arrested him.
He is charged with grand theft auto and impersonating a police officer.
His father is not charged since he did not authorize his son to use the vehicle, police said.

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