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An Orange County sheriff's deputy was injured when his patrol vehicle was struck by a pickup, which sped away after the crash.
Firefighters removed the top of the patrol car to get the deputy out after the crash, which occurred on Orange Blossom Trail near 43rd Street.
The deputy's injuries were not serious.
Witnesses said the pickup pulled out and blindsided the deputy's car.
"The cop car did a total 360," Cecile Murray said. "I'm still stuttering. I can't believe it. An officer of the law gets struck like that, and the truck just leaves. Out of respect, you would at least stop to see if the man is OK, right?"
"He stopped for a minute -- I guess he was going to get out -- but saw it was a police car, so he fled," Terrell Shannon said.
Witnesses said the pickup was a dark color with tinted windows. It has serious front-end damage and a wobbly front tire.
Anyone with information about the crash is urged to call the Florida Highway Patrol .

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