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Florida Corrections Officer Killed at Prison

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    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. --
    A female corrections officer was killed at the Tomoka Correctional Institution, the Florida Department of Corrections reported.
    A man serving two life sentences for rape and kidnapping, Enoch Hall, 39, is suspected of killing veteran corrections officer Donna Fitzgerald Wednesday night.
    The department released a statement after the incident.
    "An inmate has been identified as the suspect and is in confinement at this time," department representative Greti Plessinger told the Daytona Beach News Journal.
    "Words cannot express the sorrow I feel over the loss of our correctional officer," Department of Corrections Secretary Walter McNeil said. "The entire department grieves the murder of one of our finest officers and we pray for the victim's family during this difficult time."
    The Tomoka facility opened in 1981 and houses about 1,200 inmates ranging from minimum security to violent felons.
    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Volusia County Sheriff's Office is assisting in the investigation.

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    Fla. inmate questioned in rape-murder of officer

    By Walter Pacheco
    The Orlando Sentinel

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — An inmate, with a criminal history of rape and kidnapping charges, is under confinement this morning after being accused of raping and murdering a female corrections officer at the Daytona Beach prison Wednesday, officials said.
    Investigators with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are interviewing inmate Enoch Hall, 39, in the murder of Officer Donna Fitzgerald, a 13-year veteran of the Tomoka Correctional Institution.
    Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said that Fitzgerald, 51, of Port Orange, was attacked at 7:30 p.m. An agency report shows the corrections officer was on duty at the time of the attack. FDLE and Corrections officials declined from releasing additional details on the murder and the investigation.
    "Investigators are being very closed with their information right now because they don't know all the details yet," Plessinger said.
    A statement by Department of Corrections' Secretary Walter McNeil expressed sorrow for Fitzgerald's murder.
    "The entire department grieves the murder of one of our finest officers and we pray for the victim's family during this difficult time," McNeil wrote.
    State prison records show that Enoch is serving two life sentences for charges of sexual battery with a weapon and kidnapping stemming from a 1993 case.

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    Inmate charged with murder of corrections officer

    June 27, 2008
    Inmate charged with murder of corrections officer
    Staff Writers

    DAYTONA BEACH -- For Donna Fitzgerald, her long stint as a corrections officer at Tomoka Correctional Institution was just a job, a way to support herself and her only son until she could retire in seven years and collect a healthy retirement, a close friend said Thursday.
    But the job did her in Wednesday night, when an inmate serving a life sentence for rape, kidnapping and aggravated battery stabbed the 50-year-old Fitzgerald to death.
    "She was trying to make it to 20 years because the benefits would have been really good," said Fitzgerald's hairdresser and close friend Valerie Graham, who styled Fitzgerald's hair once a month at her South Daytona beauty salon. "She had the biggest heart. She wanted to make everyone happy."
    Fitzgerald, in her 13th year on the job, became the first corrections officer murdered at Tomoka Correctional. She is also the second female corrections officer to die in the line of duty in Florida.
    Inmate Enoch Hall, who is serving two life sentences for a 1993 rape, abduction and beating in Pensacola and a 1992 rape in Santa Rosa County, is charged with first-degree murder by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
    According to an arrest affidavit prepared by the FDLE, the 39-year-old Hall was missing at the prison Wednesday and Fitzgerald was one of many officers dispatched to find him. It's not clear how Hall, who was kept in close custody -- the highest form of security at the prison -- vanished, said Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.
    Because Hall worked in the prison's PRIDE building, the site of vehicle repairs and other vocational programs, Fitzgerald searched for him there Wednesday between 7 and 7:30 p.m., the report shows.
    Hall, however, was hiding inside a welding shed adjacent to the PRIDE building, which is at the rear of the sprawling prison complex. Investigators said he was armed with a piece of sheet metal he had swiped from an office inside the PRIDE facility and had fashioned into a knife.
    When Fitzgerald opened the door to the shed, she was confronted by Hall, who stabbed her several times as she attempted to grab him, the report states. While it was widely reported Fitzgerald was also raped, Plessinger said she could not "deny or confirm " that.
    After the stabbing, Hall, who worked in the truck and equipment maintenance division of the prison, hid the weapon in a concrete block wall, the report states. Hall later agreed to show investigators where he had hidden the makeshift knife.
    Plessinger said Hall's disappearance Wednesday did not occur during a head count of inmates, a procedure that takes place several times a day. Normally, when an inmate goes missing, a head count is taken, followed by a master count if the inmate still is not located. After that, officers begin searching the facility for the inmate, Plessinger said.
    Fitzgerald was by herself when she looked for Hall, which is not uncommon, Plessinger said. According to Corrections Secretary Walter McNeil, there is nothing in this case that indicates procedures weren't followed when the search for Hall ensued.
    Corrections officers are normally equipped with a radio, a body alert and a chemical agent, McNeil said. It's not clear whether Fitzgerald had all three of those items.
    Hall, meanwhile, had little to say Thursday afternoon at his first appearance hearing at the Volusia County Branch Jail. The one obvious thing about him, however, was his left eye -- it was swollen shut.
    Jim Valerino, the assistant public defender assigned to represent him, said he was told by jail officials that Hall came from Tomoka Correctional in that condition.
    Hall, at Tomoka since 1994, has had four disciplinary reports against him. In 2000, he tried to assault another inmate. The other incidents were for minor infractions like having contraband in his cell and disobeying an order.
    "For the most part, he had a relatively good disciplinary record," Plessinger said.
    A one-time resident of Milton, in the Panhandle, Hall was sentenced to life in prison for a 1993 attack on a 66-year-old woman in Pensacola. Assistant State Attorney Joe Schiller, one of the prosecutors in the case, said Hall borrowed his girlfriend's car and drove to an apartment complex on the east side of Pensacola. He grabbed the victim as she walked down the steps and forced her into the car.
    Schiller said the woman, who was the widow of a local attorney, did not know Hall. The victim was driven to a wooded area, raped and "left for dead," he said.
    The beating the woman got from Hall left her without a sense of smell or taste.
    Police arrested Hall after getting a report about the car's license-tag number. The victim survived the attack but died years later, Schiller said.
    But Hall's defense attorney in the 1993 case painted a different picture of the suspect.
    While calling Fitzgerald's killing "so terribly sad," Pensacola attorney Kathie Snowden said she saw a different side of Hall.
    "He was humble, polite, sweet-mannered, and he wrote me a thank-you note after being convicted and sentenced to life," she said.
    Snowden said she thinks Hall has a split personality, but she said a judge turned down her request to have a psychiatric evaluation during the 1993 case. She said she has never had another criminal defendant write a thank-you note to her: "He thanked me for fighting for him. He said no one else had ever fought for him."
    At Fitzgerald's Port Orange home Thursday afternoon, her 20-year-old son, Kyle Antonelli, was inconsolable. At times sobbing, he said his father died two months ago and that his mother was "the best person in my life."
    "She would do anything for me," Antonelli said. "We did everything together."
    -- Staff Writer Seth Robbins and Researcher Karen Duffy contributed to this report.
    [email protected]
    The Victim: Donna Fitzgerald
    AGE: 50, born in Parsons, W.Va
    FAMILY: Divorced from fellow Corrections Officer Timothy Shaw. Has one son, 20-year-old Kyle Antonelli.
    EMPLOYMENT: Tomoka Correctional Institution corrections officer since 1995
    EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in criminal law
    RESIDENCE: Port Orange
    The Suspect: Enoch Donnell Hall
    AGE: 39
    CHARGE: First-degree murder
    CRIMES: Serving two life sentences for a 1993 rape and kidnapping in Escambia County and a 1992 rape in Santa Rosa County; in 1990 he was charged with assault or battery on an officer.
    AT TOMOKA: He was a worker in prison industries. He's been at the Volusia County state prison for most of his incarceration.
    Tomoka Correctional Institution
    A few facts about Tomoka Correctional Institution and the Prison Rehabilitative and Diversified Enterprises program (PRIDE) where the suspect worked:
    · The prison opened in 1981 and houses about 1,200 inmates.
    · There are 403 people on staff.
    · Donna Fitzgerald was the first prison guard killed at Tomoka.
    · Inmates there are held under four different custody levels: close, medium, minimum and community. The only level of prisoner not held there is death row.
    · The pride program employs 70 inmates who recondition school buses, firetrucks and other vehicles.
    · The program produces more than $1 million worth of services.
    -- Seth Robbins
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    Re: Correctional Officer Donna Fitzgerald

    A one-time Wolfeboro-area woman who relocated to Florida and eventually took a job as a corrections officer was stabbed to death while looking for a missing inmate inside the prison where she worked, Florida authorities said.
    Donna Jo (Shure) Fitzgerald moved to New Hampshire as a young child and graduated with honors from Kingswood Regional High School in Wolfeboro in 1975, family members said. She was crowned the Homecoming Carnival Queen while at Kingswood.
    "She was very gregarious, very good looking, very intelligent," said Chris Emmel, the longtime companion to Fitzgerald's sister, Dana "Missy" Shure of Wolfeboro. "Everyone I've spoken to said if you walked away from Donna and weren't laughing, you were crazy."
    According to news accounts, Fitzgerald was stabbed numerous times June 25 upon discovery of a missing inmate at the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach.
    Enoch D. Hall, 39, has been charged with first-degree murder in her death.

    According to Florida news accounts, Fitzgerald had been looking for Hall in a building where vehicle repair and other vocational programs are taught. Hall told police he was hiding in the welding shed and had fashioned a knife out of sheet metal, which he used to stab Fitzgerald, according to his arrest affidavit.
    Hall has a lengthy criminal record of violent crime going back to 1989. He was serving two life sentences at Tomoka, one for rape in 1992, another for a rape, abduction and assault in 1993.
    Emmel said the family is disturbed by the reports about Fitzgerald's death.
    "Right now everything is in a haze, but if reports are correct, let me ask you this -- when you're missing a criminal as dangerous as this, why on God's green earth would anyone, male or female, be without a partner officer? Just doesn't make sense!" Emmel said.
    Florida corrections officials have said there is nothing to indicate that proper procedures weren't followed.
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal Online reported that corrections officers are normally equipped with a radio, a chemical agent and a body alert. It's unclear whether Fitzgerald, who had worked at the prison for 13 years, had all three pieces of equipment during the search.
    She was born in West Virginia and moved to Melvin Village as a young girl when her father, Donald "Zeke" Shure, took a job as a lineman. She was raised in the Wolfeboro area.
    She worked at the former Back Bay Boathouse in the 1970s, Emmel said.
    She left Wolfeboro to attend school in Massachusetts. She moved to Daytona Beach in 1985, drawn in part to the car racing tradition. She worked part-time for the Daytona Beach International Speedway during race week and bike week.
    Florida newspapers quoted friends who said she was devoted to her son, Kyle Jon Antonelli, who is 20. He told the Daytona Beach News-Journal Online that his father died two months earlier.

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