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LAKE CITY, Fla. --
After a brief and tumultuous time on the job, the police chief of Lake City has called it quits.
After less than five months on the job, Steven Burch packed up his belonging and quit his position as Lake City police chief on Monday.
Although, Burch was at the center of a lot of controversy in Lake City, many people said they were still caught off guard by his departure.
"I know the man has been through a lot. In some ways, yes I was taken aback. But in some ways, no because he's been through a lot since he has been in the city," said one resident.
Burch made headlines last month over a controversial e-mail he forwarded to some of his colleagues at the Lake City Police Department.
The e-mail included an image of three monkeys and a message saying, "We think the one in the middle is you."
Some of Burch's co-workers called the e-mail racist.
In a memorandum, City Manager Scott Reynolds told Burch he showed a lack of good judgment in forwarding the message.
Burch was suspended for five days before being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Lake City Mayor Stephen Witt told Channel 4 that investigation found no evidence of discrimination.
"It's just an unfortunate situation that happened in the community. We've got to get past this," Witt said.
He said he doesn't believe Burch leaving would hurt the police department because he believes the department is a good one.
The mayor said Capt. Bruce Charles is serving as the department's acting chief. In the meantime, he said the city would look for a more permanent replacement.

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That's embarrassing to take a job like that and up and quit. He should have stood firm.
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