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Flasher claimed he was raising cash to pay off prostitute

A flasher who knocked on a random woman's door and asked if he could
"show her something," before dropping his trousers was trying to raise
money to pay off a prostitute.

Matenga Timoti Mason, 25, pleaded guilty in the Dannevirke District Court
yesterday to charges of indecent assault and obscene exposure for the
October 2 incident.

The court heard how Mason, a sickness beneficiary, knocked on the door
of a 49-year-old woman's Dannevirke home at around 4.20pm and began
begging her for money.

He asked her if he could come inside, if there was anyone else in the
house, and if she had a husband before stepping closer and asking if he
could "show her something."

He then shoved his hands down the front of his trackpants and began
making "sexual" tongue flicking and licking movements, continuing for
several seconds, the court was told.

He kept begging for money, telling the woman his gang was after him for
not paying a prostitute and would slit his throat if he didn't come up with
the cash.

Moving closer, he continuously asked if he could enter and have a cup of
tea, so they could discuss the "situation".

When the victim refused, he said "I want to show you something ... I
want to show you this," before displaying his penis in a state of arousal,
the court heard.

Mason had to be told more than once by the victim to cover up and leave
the property, which he eventually did.

When spoken to by police, he denied flashing the woman but accepted his
behaviour of knocking on a random woman's door for a chat and a cup of
tea was a bit odd.

Judge Gregory Ross remanded Mason on bail until December 15.
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