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Drunk driving convicts must use 'How's my driving' stickers
By Associated Press, 9/23/2003

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Some convicted drunken drivers in the Florida Panhandle have been ordered to put bumper stickers on their cars asking, "How's my driving? ... The judge wants to know!!!"

Escambia County Judge William White said he hopes the bumper stickers, which include an identification number for each driver and a toll-free phone number, will reduce repeat offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol.

"We want to influence people to correct their behavior rather than just use this as sort of a monitoring system," White said.

White said he tried to use bumper stickers saying only "Convicted DUI" in the past simply to shame violators. He hopes the call-in stickers will be a stronger deterrent.

"I see this as providing very little deterrent," lawyer Richard Alvoid said. "Punishment should be enough rather than also shaming people."

But insurance adjuster Doug Meyers sees merit in the judge's order.

"If people are embarrassed, they shouldn't drink and drive," Meyers said.
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