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By Damien Fisher
Article Launched: 07/16/2008 06:01:20 AM EDT

FITCHBURG -- A member of the Latin Kings gang allegedly shot at an Orange man early Tuesday morning because he didn't pay for his crack cocaine, according to police.
The victim told police he was smoking crack with a couple of young women at 170 High St., Tuesday morning, according to a statement of facts written by Fitchburg Police Officer Jose Figueroa.
"(The victim) stated that he smoked the last rock and did not have the money to pay for it," Figueroa wrote. "(He) stated one of the females he was smoking crack with told him that she was going to call the Latin Kings to kick his ass."
A large group of men then started coming into the house, the victim told Figueroa.
The victim ran from the house, with a group of five to seven men chasing after him, according to Figueroa's statement. One of the men in the group fired three shots at the victim as he ran, Figueroa wrote.
The victim managed to get away from the group without being injured and he called police shortly before 3 a.m. Tuesday.
The victim gave police a description of the alleged shooter, according to Figueroa.
Officers investigating the alleged shooting stopped Ruben O. Colon, 23, of 213 Charles St., Apt. 1, Fitchburg, as he walked on Johnson Street based on the victim's description, and the victim identified Colon as the alleged shooter, Figueroa wrote. "(The victim) informed this officer that he had bought drugs from the suspect earlier in the day," Figueroa wrote.

Police arrested Colon and charged him with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to murder, carrying a firearm without a license and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building, according to court records.
Police did not recover a weapon from Colon during his arrest, or bullet casings from the alleged crime scene, according to Fitchburg Police Sgt. Glenn Fossa.
Officers had probable cause to charge Colon with the shooting based on their investigation, Fossa said.
Colon initially told officers he wanted to make a statement while he was being booked in the police station, according to Figueroa. Colon then refused to make a statement after Figueroa read him his Miranda rights, according to Figueroa's statement.
Figueroa told Colon police would perform a paraffin test on him to see if he fired a gun recently. Colon responded by trying to wash his hands with his socks, according to Figueroa.
A paraffin test involves putting paraffin wax on the hands and face of a shooting suspect to detect the presence of nitrates and heavy metals typically left as residue from gunshot primer. Fitchburg District Court Judge Andrew Mandell ordered Colon held on $5,000 cash bail with a July 22 court date.
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