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FITCHBURG -- A new arrival to Fitchburg got a rough welcome Friday night when two suspects allegedly robbed and assaulted him and then stole his car after he stopped to ask for directions, Fitchburg Police Capt. Philip Kearns said.
"He's only lived here a couple of days," Kearns said.
The victim is a 56-year-old man originally from Haiti, Kearns said. The man and his family moved to a house on Albee Street last week, Kearns said.
The victim got lost Friday around 11 p.m. coming home from work and could not find his way home, Kearns said.
The victim stopped on Water Street to ask a young couple if they could give him directions, Kearns said.
The male suspect agreed to help the victim find his way home, Kearns said.
"He said, 'Let me in the car and I'll show you how to get there,' " Kearns said.
The male and female suspects got in the victim's car on Water Street near Nashua Street, Kearns said.
The male suspect then showed the victim a knife and demanded the man's wallet, Kearns said.
The male suspect then assaulted the victim before finally pushing him out of the car and driving away, Kearns said.
The victim walked to Montuori's gas station on Boulder Drive, where he found a police officer getting gas for a cruiser, Kearns said.
Police found the victim's car soon after he reported the crime, Kearns said, a few blocks from where it was taken. Police impounded the car and plan to go through it looking for fingerprints and other clues that will lead them to the suspects, Kearns said.

The victim could not be reached at his home Monday.
Ward 1 City Councilor David Clark is shocked by the crime against someone new to the city, especially an immigrant.
"Obviously, that doesn't happen too often," Clark said.
Fitchburg makes an effort to reach out to newly arrived immigrants, Clark said. "If I were new to town, especially as an immigrant, I would check out City Hall," Clark said. "I know we have all sorts of resources."
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