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First article!

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Of course they leave my name out and replace it with "Officer on Foot Patrol" :?

Two face 'throwing star' charges


PROVINCETOWN - Two men who allegedly waved a replica Colt Peacemaker while driving along Commercial Street Saturday night were arraigned on dangerous weapon charges yesterday in Orleans District Court.

While Michael Egan, 19, of Pembroke, and Nathan Cannata, 17, of Duxbury were not charged in connection with the fake six-shooter, they were each arraigned on a charge of possession of a dangerous weapon, a Chinese "throwing star," also known as a shuriken.

Provincetown Police Chief Ted Meyer said the duo were arrested after an officer on foot patrol observed the replica gun being waved in the window of a car that was slowly driving along Commercial Street, at approximately 9 p.m. Saturday.

Police officers conducted a felony stop, ordering Egan and Cannata out of the car at gunpoint, an unusual occurrence on the festive thoroughfare.

"They said you could hear a pin drop on Commercial Street," said Meyer.

Egan and Cannata were quickly taken into custody by police, said Meyer. According to Meyer, a search of the car revealed the fake gun, the throwing star and several knives. Meyer said it is illegal to possess throwing stars in Massachusetts.

Meyer said the replica gun was purchased in Provincetown, and there was no indication that Egan and Cannata were planning any criminal activity.

Meyer said the situation could have quickly escalated had the suspects not responded properly to officers. He also said the arresting officers showed restraint and street smarts in bringing the episode to a peaceful conclusion.

"That gun looked real," said Meyer.

Egan and Cannata were released on their own recognizance and scheduled to appear at a pretrial hearing on Aug. 9.

(Published: July 28, 2004)
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OK, I lied. My first time my name was in the paper, it was a letter to the editor by a concerned resident who complained I didnt use my directional signal when I was riding around in a police golf cart. My bad! :roll:
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