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Ok!!!! :BM: :BM: I have just about had it!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: BHCCPD is right. if this was a PD suspensions or layoffs would be comming left and right Fox25 would b e doing an undercover investiagation as to why this is alllowed to happen. However because it seems to be a FD people at lest from the part of the paper published that people seem to mind. Hello!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: your house is on fire and a buch of S#@$%^!#$ or tipsy FF's rool up to your house and are going to be expected to save your family members. If I were the citizens San Fran. I would be up in arms and demanding that these FF's be held accountable.. With that said I'm not bashing on FF's at all, my bestfriend is FF and I know he has a tough job at times(don't we all :!: ), but I also know he wouldn't be stupid enough to drink and or get drunk/drugged on duty. With that said too I also think the any public safety offical should be held accountable for their actions if found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs if on duty. Any actions that result from their according charges should be applied. I also realize if someone needs help with a problem they should get it and hpoefully co-workers/supervisors would help get the individual the help the need.

On a side note and not to start rumors. Wasn't there something on TV about some Mass FF's be caught drinking on duty a while back?
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