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Firearms Instructor
Instructor certification is our most important responsibility as law enforcement trainers. Teaching officers to instruct others in the fundamentals of firearm utilization and survival requires preparation. Students seeking admission into this program must submit documentation of prior firearms training, signed or otherwise verified by a superior officer. These criteria are indispensable to successful completion of the program.

Course content includes:
Basic instructional skill development with revolver, pistol and shotgun
Classroom presentations
Program for training new shooters
Correcting shooting problems
Methods of instruction
Range operation
Field maintenance
Duties and responsibilities of instructors
Range exercises
Course of fire design by incident analysis
Lesson plan development
Liability and case law for Firearms Instructors
Handgun flashlight techniques
Certification requirements include:
Marksmanship ability
Instructional techniques
High level of technical skills
Written Examinations
Length: 10 days / 80 hours

Tuition: $1500

Nov. 3-14, 2003
Feb. 2-13, 2004
June 14-25, 2004
Nov. 8-19, 2004

Smith & Wesson Academy
299 Page Boulevard
Springfield, MA 01104

(413) 846-6461
Fax: (413) 736-0776

E-mail: [email protected]
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